Act Your Wage!

One of the more "gleefully eviscerating the last traces of species being" injunctions I've seen recently - first spotted in a billboard looming over Oakland -  now comes with bright colors and pieces of plastic on which to choke.

"However, the game gets old pretty quick because you don't really have to make many decisions, you just roll the die, read the card, and put the money in the spot that it goes."
 [A review from the site / a very short summary of the circulation of capital]

Of course, to actually act one's wage would be a vicious blow to accumulation, as one would act in exact accordance with the wage, thereby not working the extra portion of the day that produces surplus value or, in the case of the wageless, act as a sheer, desperate, contentless void, miming the null you are declared to be.  The hunger of those with no template for action.

So yes.  We will act our wage, with the flailing armed gestures of silent film, with no audience in sight.

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