Mission Shard Debriefing

Message to CM,

Full report regarding Mission Shard -

Your information is correct, but we have reason to suspect that the operation as a whole, and the particular objectives of Agent Vulpus, was compromised before it even commenced.  Before the fox, there may have been a mole.  Judging from the counter-intelligence, filtered to the public through various sub-operatives engaged in cultural industrial warfare, both against (see below, 2002 and 2009) and in collusion with (1982) our conspiracy, we can only conclude that Mission Shard/V-72 was, for all intents and purposes, a lost cause from the start.

1. 2002

This "artist's rendering" gives further reason to suspect that infrared security camera footage is now processed and analyzed in off-shore fan-boy/fan-girl facilities, off whose underfucked psyches run massive libidinal displacement motors capable of triangulating the target in question.  Although Vulpus was not yet in the Shard at the time of this image was gathered, the sheer desperation of Piano-Prescott caused an obscure torsion, resulting in the rendering of a proximate, albeit beefed-up, image of the uncompleted end of Mission Shard with risk calculation fed through Allegorical Dice.  Hence, a very tawny silken fox touches a water, not to shatter its reflection, but to mark the space above red and gray fish.  It is rumored that there are certain pseudo-cogs capable of making sense of such a unresolved prediction.

2. 1982

Of course, the species is wrong, as is the metropole, but Associate Cohen's preemptive effort cannot be disregarded for its massive initial influence on the project.  Not only in terms of laying the subcutaneous reaction frame in the public (first reptilian, second time mammal, as we know well by now), but in terms of a speculative endeavor from which a significant part of Vulpus's actual mission structure came to be derived.  That said, his incessant rewatching of Michael Moriarty sequences became first a joke at the facility, then a near serious problem, when the news had to be broken that he would be laying no eggs this time.

3.  2009

It was at this moment that we knew the gig was up.  (His remaining on site and unrevealed for such a duration after the release of the film is due to a phenomenon still undertheorized.  In brief, a side effect of the architectural-financial one-two punch (the veiled-demolition of Southwark and the subsequent injection of Qatari liquidity) was to cause such significant disturbances to the collective mental image of London that the interior of the Shard collapsed into a Restrained Gray Hole (RGH, from here out).  In such a space, it's far from simple to find a fox.)

What the film got wrong is the very reason that the counter-forces began their pursuit of Vulpus in earnest and with the full extension of resources available.  Namely, the thought that there was a familial-gang subterranean formation of many foxes and, moreover, that they were interested in securing agrarian territory.  The winged fox illustration above indicates the pastoral dimension of the initial attempts, and from fall 2008 to early spring 2010, the frequency of orchard and hillock demolitions in the Green Belt can only be tied to the frantic efforts so casually reflected in the film.

As if such an operative could be allowed the cold comfort of the domestic sphere.  We are speaking, after all, of an agent who can have no name other than that derived from his genus: he is an instance, nothing more.  And of the notes abandoned by Vulpus, before he had time to swallow them or shred them into a downy nest (thereby bolstering weaponised sentimentality), which were recovered by Shard's defenders, the following remained intact and heavily underlined:

For this reason, but only for this reason, he will study mechanics, physics, chemistry, and perhaps medicine. But all day and all night he studies the vital science of human beings, their characteristics and circumstances, and all the phenomena of the present social order. The object is perpetually the same: the surest and quickest way of destroying the whole filthy order.

4. 1540


This resonance gives us pause and is forcing us to rethink several other operations in progress, if not the entire drift of what has been understood as "progress" and against which we have fought.  Either Martin Luther's anal-obsessed ramblings were in fact directly linked to future HTML streams 471 years ahead, or - as we feared - the current counter-revolution is not only scripted: it has been a reformation, and it will be Protestant.


Yet to review the operation as a whole, we consider it largely a success, despite the fact that it "came too light too soon."  This "too soon" was always the plan, although as previous operations (recall the Canis Project, 1917), this was not the "too soon" envisaged.

1. Sentimental cloaking turned out to be a success: Vulpus became a plucky loner Romeo.  The unwillingness of the counter-forces to reveal the severity of the project to the wider public has been attributed by some to a) their belief that the war has not yet hit the point of unmistakable open hostility or b) that they remain in full possession of the affective dimensions of the public sphere.  We know better: the trap was laid, such that the discovery of Vulpus was exactly what allowed for necessary self-immolation of every trace of suspicion.  The workers who previously noticed a particular recurrence of missing objects ("Ben, I can't find my hammer") have now been conveniently folded back into an anthropomorphic consensus.

2.  The success of the cover story of food scraps disguises a second success: in his time in the Shard, Vulpus managed both to significantly sabotage the installed Taut transmitters and, more importantly, steal enough building material to make considerable headway toward the sub-project that initially demanded his location at such an altitude.

Although the agent remains out of reach for the moment, the final entry transmitted by his smoke signals was interpreted, after initial disbelief, to read: THE SKULK IS ON ITS WAY.  IN FIVE DAYS, THE SKY WILL BE THICK WITH US.  Had the net not closed around him before that potential outcome, it it safe to say that the entire geopolitical situation would be entirely unrecognizable.

3.  As hoped, the following line was both uttered and disseminated:

Ted Burden, the centre's founder, said: "We explained to him that if foxes were meant to be 72 storeys off the ground, they would have evolved wings.

We are, therefore, a step closer - a small step, perhaps, but such is the tireless work of our conspiracy - to the mass secession of humans from their general condition of living above the earth while not contesting their winglessness.  At this stage, it is dislocated onto Vulpus, but if his anthropomorphic infiltration was correct, many should be looking from their apartment windows to their bare shoulders with increasing fury.  We remain firm in our commitment that the development, elaboration, and dissemination of such a recognition (they would have evolved wings..) is the first step toward the articulation of a mass demand to which no contemporary government can safely answer, a demand that will impel the total and contagious discrediting of the state form itself.

On a closing note, the potential past or future deployment of Lupus will not be commented upon.  Rumors of unorthodox cloud formations over the Eastern shore are to be considered unfounded.

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