"You don't get it from practice"

Proposal for a film to be made:

An American "remake" of Pasolini's Comizi d'Amore, not shot by shot, but demand by demand, in which the exact same questions are asked, rendered in as close a translation as is idiomatically possible.  Not updated for contemporary slang or mores, such that one assumes that what would have been probing then would need to ramped up to the full slovenly obscenity that is the general case now.  Rather, the asking of the same questions - what do you think of abnormality... - with their coding lost, their new-found restraint.  To be shot in the same order of scenes, in zones that transpose and approximate the sites of his asking there: migrant farming communities, sports teams, dance halls, town squares, dry fields, racetracks.  A formal procedure of anachronism without which there are no correct things to ask.  To be reminded that decades of "talking openly about it" have not rendered the comizio any more or any less clandestine, only banal, overspoken, under-meant, and with ellipses in the place of a question...

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