...what the market is for you. Does it have a particular shape? LG: No, it changes ‘shape’ all the time.


KK: But you see it as a third thing? Or do you mean the other person?
LG: As a greater being.
KK: ( )



The trading floor needs no curse from on high.  Just a self-modeling stain of the copier out from that rough zone where 

we are a sum of our parts, or
it is a sum of its parts.

Hence once a greasy bit of "like a pig" gets anywhere in the equation beneath the "greater being," all is rooting around from there out...

there came a faint sound--not near but seeming to come up at me out of unknown abysses. Very, very faint and lost it sounded, but I recognised it as unmistakably the infinitely remote murmur of countless swine.

(read here, courtesy of Cartographies)

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