"It's a real cheek. The propery has not been empty."

Snatch the property of the hack:

"It's not safe to be in at all. We have work to do on it before it is made safe to work on."

If that's not an ideology of the perpetuation of labor, I don't what is: it must be worked on in order to make it to be worked on...

At least they're not the bad sort:

One neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: "The police said we were lucky they were not the bad sort of squatters, but they said they will be moving in in force and will be bringing a grand piano."

A grand piano as assurance that you mean staying put.  An unsettling down.  To have moving in in force mean Shostakovich. 

(thanks, JB, for the story, and pride to the Really Free School)

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