But the lesson of experience is enough to induce us to stop pussy-footing

As we see it, the revolution needs organisms to oversee it, and repress, in an organised sense, hostile sectors. As current events have shown such sectors do not accept oblivion unless they are crushed.

There may be anarchist comrades who feel certain ideological misgivings, but the lesson of experience is enough to induce us to stop pussy-footing.

Not organizations, but organisms, not forms-of-life, but life forms...

(We would say, not oversee but elaborate, not repress but dissolve, not crushed but inconsequential.  But the case remains: there are worse things than a loud misstep of that unwarranted thing, that organism, that has no name but a practice, that gathers ourselves together in order to let itself go.)

They cannot say we are over-reacting. The present moment has nothing revolutionary about it.


Anonymous said...

To be fair, in the original Spanish 'nos andemos con rodeos' has nothing to do with cats.

socialism and/or barbarism said...

Ah, thanks, I was curious as to the original but don't read Spanish. That's closer to "beating around the bush," I gather. Given the meaning of that, boars are more the animal in question. The program to tackle them head on, in their own thicket world.

Cats, I apologize for the insult. However, to William Eugene "Pussyfoot" Johnson, prohibitionist, asshole, responsible for dumping 25,000 bottles of liquor into the Arkansas River, I do not. It's a shame there weren't two riot stones, one for each eye.